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Here,there and everywhere

Yesterday we started our day in Buras which is a town filled with poverty. We saw what the people before us did to help restore a house for the community and a food garden. The house was  owned by a dentist who rented the place out to a pastor for a super cheap price and the pastor made this house into a community space for the town to gather. After a few years, the dentist saw how amazing the house looked and decided he didn’t want to rent to this guy anymore.  Now ,the house that was once a source of hope and happiness, just sits there empty until a random person chooses to lease the space for a short while.  It’s sad knowing how greedy people can be to their own community. To take something amazing away from the community all for it to sit there now, in hopes the dentist will make some more cash.  By happenstance we ran into Helen, a wonderful lady who once owned the drug store right next to the dentists house. She has an amazing amount of positivity, kindness, and love even through all the turmoil she has faced after Hurricane Katrina. She is an inspiration to me.

From Buras we went back to woodlands to do our surveys. During one of our surveys we came across this unique looking tree. The trunks have formed together making a beautiful tree.

Another unique find. A bowling pin mad entirely out of bottle cap. We went to the mid city rock and bowl last night. Listened to zydeco music last night, bowled, and line danced with a lovely older man who plays the ukulele!


Crawfish boil at Woodland Plantation

Love me some crawfish and corn. It’s the only way to eat crawfish. A crawfish boil is used as a way to socialize, because eating crawfish is very time consuming. This time gives people the chance to really sit down and not rush through their meal. 

Gators galore! 

Spirit Hall was once a church and is now ironically a bar and a restaurant at Woodland Plantation. Foster saved this church from being demolished and restored it. He had to cut the church in half in order to transport it over to his plantation. It is a beautiful place with blue and yellow stained glass windows, hard wood floors and many historical stories from newspapers on the walls. This place is now used for socializing. We met the Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana Billy Nungesser. He told us the story of how he pardoned a crawfish after Mardi Gras!!! 

So much to see and do

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A swamp monster surveying and writing down the data. We found lots of tallow, privut and of course blackberry.

Aligator sausage dog at Dat Dog. It’s been awhile since I’ve had aligator, man its as tasty as I remembered.

    View from 31 stories up. Got to learn about NOLA environmental journalisms and how almost everything is now done online. It’s sad to hear that this company has had so many budget cuts and the journalists have to take the photos and videos on their own, all while doing research on it as well.