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Two Days after NOLA

Life in California is fast and hilly! I definitely appreciate the mountains and regulations we have here in California, but I think us Californians could learn a thing or two from the South. For one the culture is alive there, everyone is living it and it is all different in each person, we should embrace our individual cultures and identities, but respect and learn from the cultures of others. 

New Orleans is a beautiful place that we should preserve as long as it makes sense to. But I learned how important flexibility in resource management needs to be, the environment is not steady and unchanging so we can’t be either.  

Thanks for the good time NOLA, I’ll be back!

Last night in the Crescent City

Today we were out in the wetlands surveying, finally saw an Armadillo! 

Last night we went to see Irvin Mayfield and the Jazz Orchestra play which was a special treat. The talent in this city is phenomenal and the culture is beautiful. 

This trip has been a crazy ride that I will never forget, and I am so thankful for learning about new cultures, ecosystems, and food. I definitely have a much deeper appreciation for my home and respect for other people’s homes.  


Learning about NOLA from many perspectives

Today we went to a farm area called Capstone in the Lower Ninth Ward that is a good desert. We helped clear a field for bee hives and also helped build hydroponic catfish ponds. 

We also went to the Central Business District and talked to an Environmental attorney and an environmental reporter. Money is always an issue, no matter where you are!  


First day of field work

Today was our first day of field work in the woodlands, it was slow going, but will pick up soon!  The forest is thick with trees and blackberry vines, so much green!!


Cooking up a storm

New Orleans cooking school was a blast! The French Quarter is a unique mix of sounds, smells, and colors. And the rain doesn’t slow any of it down! It was great to soak up some new cultures today.  


Bayou tour 

 This is a vascular plant that floats on the water in the swamps and bayous, it had small string like roots. The swamps and bayous are thick with big trees, but as you go down the coast, these areas turn into marshes that are more open.