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Today we go the opportunity to plant some vegetables in Carol’s garden. The soil was tilled for us when we arrived so all we had to do was plant. Carol had an incident during Katrina were he had fallen into a ditch receiving multiple injuries throughout his body. This accident made it difficult for Carol to harvest and plant his fruits and vegetables. The garden had clay like materials indicating that it might’ve been a river bottom in the past as well as sea shells. We were able to plant tomatoes, squashes and some wild flowers into the garden.


Today we met up with Mark at Cafe de Monde to speak about the music industry in New Orleans. We discussed about issues he has faced as well as the local artists. One main issue that he has faced has been the decreasing sale of vinyl and cd’s. He had mentioned that online streaming has been decreasing the sale of these items. He typically would have brought the group a Cd but cd’s are slowly becoming a rare item to the population.

Mark had been running a record label for twenty-one years and currently has fifteen artists signed. Mark is a native New Orleanian and is happy to be back in his hometown.