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Barrier Islands along the Louisiana Coast

Today we visited a barrier island along the coast of Louisiana. Barrier islands are man-made islands built to protect the coast from rising sea level due to storm surges. They are built by digging sediment from the mouth of the Mississippi river and piling it along the coast creating an island composed of sad dunes.

Dune vegetation is planted on these islands to help stabilize the sediment and begin establishing an ecosystem that will act as a “natural speed bump” during storm events.

Barrier islands are relatively easy to upkeep and are a very effective way of protecting the coastline and the city behind it.

What I want to take away from this experience…

I hope to indulge in the rich culture of New Orleans and experience the history of this city through food, art, music, but most importantly people. I want to meet as many local people as I can and listen and share their stories. Listening to the people who have grown up here and have seen the city change throughout the years help me, and anyone else willing to listen, to understand why this place is so special.

There are many components that made New Orleans the complex place that it is today. Spending time restoring the natural habitats that are characteristic of this place while simultaneously supporting local communities will make this trip one of the most enriching and unique Ive ever taken.

The French Quarter

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