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Hey Good Lookin’ Whatcha got Cookin’

Today we headed to the French Quarter of New Orleans, and we had the pleasure of meeting Michael Devidts- the instructor of New Orleans School of Cooking. Established 39 years ago, the school specializes in New Orleans cuisine. First, Michael took us to the Farmer’s Market to get some ingredients for our meals.

Crescent City Farmer’s Market. Credits: Matt Hershberger

We were divided into groups and assigned to cook a portion of a five-course meal (appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert). With guidance from Michael and his assistant Josh, my group cooked gumbo for the soup portion of the meal.

OurĀ  gumbo recipe:

First, you make the roux (equal parts oil and flour). Wisk until dark brown.

Add onions, celery, garlic, and peppers in the roux.

In a vegetable stock, we boiled carrots and potatoes. Add vegetable stock (with potatoes and carrots) to the roux. Joe’s Stuff Seasoning. Michael is adamant that no salt is needed. “We don’t use salt- only Joe’s Stuff!” Simmer for 30+ minutes until the potatoes are soft.

Pre New Orleans Trip

This will be my first trip to New Orleans and I am excited to go. My peers who have previously participated in the service learning to New Orleans seem to be saying the same things: it is hard work, but it is also worth it! I look forward to working in wetland restoration and also helping out with the community garden. I also want to experience New Orleans Culture- especially the food.