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Team Turning: Carol Arceneaux: Buras Garden Planting

On Wednesday we had the pleasure of planting a garden for our friend Carol Arceneaux at his property in Buras.

Buras is on a thin strip of land between the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. Since Katrina only about 10% of the population has come back.

Carol’s property has several concrete slabs where homes once stood, he tells us that he used to have several neighbors on all sides of him.

Other than Katrina, the residents of Buras have lost their homes to several other hurricanes, Buras has a levees one each side so that when water flows over them it essentials becomes a bowl and the water has no where to go.

We first dug the perimeters of the planting bed, and turned all the soil manually with shovels. We then spaced our vegetables apart, planted them and watered them.

The soil here is rich and is one of the many reasons why these wetlands were converted for agricultural.

Day 3 of transect surveys.

The weather today was perfect and we ran into far less blackberry then we have on previous days. By this time we are all experts at identifying Elderberry and we most definitely all know what a blackberry looks like.

Transect Triumphant

Yesterday was our first full day of transect surveys at woodlands conservancy. The first couple of transects were short and easy then we graduated to 100 meter long transects some of which were covered with black berry.

On Sunday Tom and Jon walked us through a tour of the species we would encounter, testing us along the way to make sure we can identify the species we were looking for.

With a little bit of practice we have gotten faster and more accurate at identifying the woody species.

We’re all under slept, all a little beaten up and eaten up by these mosquitoes, but spirits are high and we all couldn’t be happier to be doing this work.