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ect back on New Orleans has made me want to go back and do it all again. This was one of the best trips I have ever been on. It was definitely a cultural experience. Before going to NOLA, Dr. Anderson gave many presentations to prepare us. I always got a different image in my head of what New Orleans looked like. From the French Quarter to the Lower 9TH Ward and how hurricane Katrina destroyed many of the districts.

Everything about New Orleans was amazing. The one thing that stuck with me the most was the levee tour because we really got to experience how tragic Hurricane Katrina was. We started in the Lower 9th and walked right up to where the levee had broken. We stood in front of a big concrete wall. Imagining the water coming over that and breaking the levee seemed unreal. It was very emotional because in the lower 9th we still saw houses run down from 10 years ago. It looked as if it happened yesterday. We saw houses slowly being rebuilt. One thing that was very upsetting was learning about the flood insurance. It can take people years to start building because in some cases you have to find the original owners home paperwork. It was sad to imagine the struggles people are still having today.

After visiting the levee, we drove further into the lower 9th. I didn’t think it was possible to get flooding way back there. We stopped at an outdoor museum garden walk like thing that gave a storyline of Hurricane Katrina. Yet another emotional experience. At the garden walk there was a metal post and at the top there was a sign that showed the height of the flooding. It was around 6’5”. Next to it was an abandoned house. It was very depressing. There was a hold in the roof, a car seat in the house, and just a lot of junk shredded throughout.

Day 7 Nola 

Had a great day making a garden. It’s wonderful doing good for someone. It was a lot of work and labor but it was sure worth it!

Day 5 nola

Had a great day helping the community in the Lower 9th. We helped seal cracks in a house so a future paint could be done. We also helped complete an Aquaculture. What a fascinating thing! David, who built the aquaculture is a Genius. Once we were done we went to CBD and met with two people, a journalist and lawyer. We got a great presentation on lawsuit for the levees and a had a good discussion about what hurricane K has down to Nola. It was a great day!  


Day 5 Nola 

Today was the 2nd day of field work! It was great because we finally got the hang of it! Getting in a rhythm was all it took.  


Day 2 Nola

Today was a great day. We went to the Historical French Museum of NOLA. Very great to see and learn some lore background history. We learned about the different ethnicities 3% are Asian, so I tour guide recommended a Vietnamese place to eat lunch. It started to rain after lunch which was completely from yesterday in the afternoon. We made up with a man name Steve who have a magnificent tour of the levees. Learned a lot. It was emotional at times and somewhat irritating to hear some of the things that Army Corps were incompinant with. 

P.s: we ended up getting a flat tire. Fun experience(: 


First day of NOLA

Today was an adventurous day! We took a nice walk through Jean Lafitte and saw alligators, snakes, and lizards. What an experience to see those things beyond the zoo. After that we had an interesting talk with Harry Shearer going over why the Army Coor didn’t take the correct standards to insure the levees wouldn’t break. After that we indulged in delicious poy boys. As exhausted as we were, we managed to explore the French Quarter. It has always been my dream to go there. It was quite different from what I thought but just seeing it was jaw dropping. The architecture was beautiful. We ended our night with going to ‘Rock n’ Bowl’ on st. Patrick’s day! Even though we haven’t slept in the last 24 hours , it is complete worth it to experience a new cultural. I’m looking forward to the rest of trip.