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17th street pumping station

On March 18th, 2019, we went to the Louisiana 17th street pumping station to learn more about how the water drainage system works in New Orleans. Water is pumped from the city to lake Pontchatrain. There are 15 generator that power the pumps that make this possible. Ken, one of the tour guides, told us that the pumping station could be controlled by one person but is extremely hard and that person would have to run around a lot which is not ideal. Resources are needed to support pumping stations in potential flooding times. Below is a picture of these power station. It is important to have these pumping stations in Louisiana because there is so much flooding. The two guides described to us a situation where poor water resource planning caused New Orleans to flood without any hurricane at all, just rain. This cannot be allowed to happen. More information about the need and effectiveness of pumping stations and levees needs to be shared with the public. Especially after hurricane Katrina.

NOLA PreTrip Reflection

I am excited to go on the New Orleans trip because I will get to eat new foods, learn more about the culture of the area, listen to some amazing jazz music, and help to restore the ecology of the area after the hurricane katrina devastation. This is the coolest opportunity!