Capstone Community Garden

Posted from Austin, Texas, United States.

Today we started our morning by going shopping at a local farmers market for the ingredients to use in our cooking school that we’ll be attending tomorrow. After that excursion we ventured over to Capstone which is a nonprofit that provides community gardens for the people in the Lower Ninth Ward. We split off into teams and my team walked a few blocks over to work on one of the garden lots. We helped by weeding and planting some new vegetable plants. We planted eggplant, cucumber, and tomato. After we finished we went back to the main house and David gave us a tour and explained how the non-profit began. In addition to all of the gardens, there were goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits and several beehives on the property. The eggs from the chickens are eaten and all of the animal waste is used as fertilizer. Capstone was such a great place and I would definitely go back if I’m ever back in NOLA.


Jeyla and I were asked to help with the aqua culture garden. There was a small pond containing koi fish and catfish. As Jeyla explains in the video, the fish urine produces ammonia which is then converted into nitrates by the algae that occurs in the water. The nitrate helps to fertilize the plants floating in the pond while also using less water to water the plants. We both helped plant new seeds into the floating pots.


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