Team Dessert!

Today we had our cooking school and our team was in charge of dessert.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to walk to a local farmers market to pick out fresh ingredients for our dish.
We picked out homemade cayenne chocolate and locally grown strawberries. With these ingredients we decided to make a pound cake topped with strawberries and a drizzle of the chocolate we bought. Unfortunately we were having problems melting the chocolate so instead we crumbled some of the chocolate with the strawberries and gave everyone a small slice to try. It was the perfect way to end a five course meal, a little sweet with a kick. We googled a recipe to use for the pound cake which can be accessed by the link below. We also made chocolate covered strawberries with some Belgian chocolate that Michael, our professional Chef and guide, provided for us. Our end result was pretty tasty!

-Rachael, Angie and Katie


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