Capstone – Neighborhood Gardens

Today, after visiting the New Orleans Cooking School, we traveled to neighborhood gardens called Capstone. This location is ran by David who moved here years ago and began this project with a single honeybee hive. The mission of Capstone is to become familiar with the local New Orleans and to help them get back on their feet. The lower ninth ward was a large agriculture area and when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 all of this was wiped out. Most of the families wanted help from people who “were like them” instead of outside help from different organizations. Years after the hurricane, David has managed to turn disconnected relationships to beneficial ones as well as that single bee hive to extensive garden beds, volunteer projects to remodel abandoned homes, and a variety of other things. What is unique about the garden beds at Capstone, is that it is ran off a hydroponics system. This includes a 3,000 gallon fish tank with catfish, Koi, and other fish, and a series of pipes that filter this nutrient rich water into the flower beds and back into the fish ponds. This closed system is sustainable in that families can harvest fish and fresh vegetables all at once using recycled water. 

Below are pictures of the tank and the pipe systems that lead the water where it needs to go.

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