Day 3

We had a full day in Louisiana (literally). In the morning we went to a New Orleans cooking class. We broke up into groups and worked together to make the many parts of a full course meal- appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and dessert. Yesterday we all walked to the neighborhood market to pick out fresh ingredients. My group was assigned to create the dessert. We decided to go with a pound cake covered in locally grown strawberries. 

When everything was done we sat down and tried each others homemade Louisiana food. For appetizer we had stuffed bell peppers, then we had a vegetable soup, followed by a salad with creole vinegarette, then shrimp jumbalaya, and lastly the pound cake. Everything was delicious! My favorite was probably the soup or the jambalaya. 

After being stuffed from our amazing five course meal we headed to the trail to begin our first transects (plant surveying). It ended up being a gorgeous afternoon surrounded by green plants and wildlife. While surveying we found a tiny green snake in the leaves on a plant, and we also saw an armadillo! 

We’re excited to head to the trials in the morning!

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