Don and Dan’s Adventures in NOLA

I’m sure many of you were wondering where Don and Dan were this whole time. Here is a recap of our adventures together throughout the trip!

Don buckled in and ready to go to LAX.

Don and Dan at the Open Air Levee Museum!

Smirking at the fishing banner… courtesy of Sean’s request

Don and I identifying Louisiana natives on our first Woodlands walk!


The weather sure is nice at the Open Levee Air Museum!

Admiring the green hues together

Hes behind me, isnt he?

Someone got a little too carried away in the tree identification….

Cooking up some Jambalaya for the team!

Dan and Don can’t wait for their 5 course meals at the cooking school!

Everyone having a great time now that we’re full

Don solo enjoying the set while John Cleary is taking a water break at Chickie Wah Wah!

Last night in NOLA seeing Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes with my homeboys!

Final day in NOLA. Reminiscing with smoothies and sunsets. Don and Dan have finally wrapped up their adventures!






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