Final Thoughts on Our Experiences

Posted from Los Angeles, California, United States.

First off, thank you to Dr. A for another amazing trip. I am thankful for the opportunities to travel and gain hands-on experience more than I could ever explain. Each trip truly has shaped who am I and the things I want to accomplish in the world. I love that we are not just tourists when we visit New Orleans; our goal is not to watch from behind the glass but instead to interact and to live the life of someone in New Orleans for ten days. This is a lesson I plan to continue on no matter where I am. Although some field days got a bit tough and stressful I wouldn’t trade that for anything. These are the times we each are offered a platform to get a glimpsed of our strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities both as a team and individually. Throughout this trip I was also very thankful we spoke with a wide variety of people – from Doctors at Tulane University to musicians and average citizens who have pride in their city. It doesn’t always take a high ranking degree or formal education to allow contribution into a conversation that ultimately affects people of all backgrounds. Hurricane Katrina and its devastation is a lesson I hope not only each of us can learn from but also grow from.

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