Into the Swamps We Go

Richie Blink

There are many issues that come with conservancy and policy is, in theory, something that comes with its own baggage. Richie had talked about the difficulties in actually implementing conservancy efforts, in that, in theory, they would help rebuild the wetlands in the Louisiana delta. But because local communities have either not been educated or indifferent to the environmental impact it would have on their lives, there is little he can do make them do it.

Richie has also been trying to balance what he wants a healthier ecology in the Plaquemines Parish swamps and the jobs that the oil companies may bring into the communities within the area. It’s difficult to navigate this topic, he believes, as he’s in a bid for a future re-election, while also trying to advocate for conservancy.

It’s unclear on what he is willing to do for this advocacy work, while trying not to do be blackballed in his social and professional life.

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