Missing New Orleans

It’s strange to think that just a few short weeks ago, our class was spending the last few days of our Spring Break trudging through the muck and mud of the Woodlands Conservancy trails recording data and counting species. This experience has been one that I will never forget, and not in the stereotypical sentimental way that sounds, but in a real way. I feel like I helped do something during my time in New Orleans.   

We planted gardens for people who don’t have access to fresh food, we helped construct tubs for an organic farmer who provides food in a place that is widely known as a Food Desert, and we contributed to data that is changing the way people look at deforestation and invasive species. We got to experience true New Orleanian traditions. I am lucky enough to have experienced all of this with people I have grown close to in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to.       

I learned about a city and a culture that I never would have been able to learn about if it wasn’t for this trip. I’m 26, and I’m graduating this semester. I am engaged and plan to get married in a few years. Without this class, I really doubt I would have ever been able to come to New Orleans and I know for a fact I would never have had such a rich experience.

Okay, maybe I’ll never forget this trip exactly in the stereotypical sentimental way it sounds. There’s something to be said for an experience like this one, though, and I think I’m justified in feeling this way. 

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?

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