New Orleans Historic Collection

The New Orleans Historical Collection has items from New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Gulf South. There are items that include, diaries, journals, paintings, furniture, etc. Many of these items are located in the history galleries and there are changing of exhibits. The New Orleans Historical Collection is also a research center/publisher. In the research center, you can go look at any item in the collection which isn’t on display. There is also an online catalog to look at Historical items. The items in the collection were sorted by time frame, making it easier to understand the history throughout time. 

At the Collection we saw the film “Surrounded by Water” that described the history of New Orleans and it’s connection between the Old World and the New World. The Mississippi River that extends far between states is a system that continually deposits sediment along its route. This sediment builds the land that places like New Orleans are founded on. The Indians that first arrived to what would become New Orleans picked the place to settle that was above sea level and wouldn’t flood normally. This eventually became the French Quarter. 

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