New Orleans School of Cooking

On Saturday, we spent our morning at the New Orleans School of Cooking. We had five groups of three people (appetizer, salad, side dish, entree and desert). Each group had the freedom to decide what they were going to make. After groups were assigned, we headed off to the local farmers market to shop for our ingredients. This allowed us to help support local farmers and learn about the ingredients we were going to be using. The process was guided by our friend Michael from the cooking school. He helped guide us on how to cook to our best ability. The meal making process taught us all new things, which we can take home and use in our own kitchens.Our meal consisted of bruschetta as an appetizer, followed by a salad. The main meal consisted of crab and shrimp gumbo, served with potato salad. To end the meal, we had strawberry crepes for desert. The cooking school was an unforgettable experience. We were able to learn about local produce, support local farmers, and learn how to cook traditional New Orleans food!

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