Our Orientation to Woodlands Trail & Park

On Saturday (3/17) we got an intro into the work we will be doing for Woodlands Trail & Park. We discussed the metrics that we would be measuring in our survey areas, or “transects.”

We will be measuring the depth of leaf litter and wood litter, the woody tree species within the transects and their diameter at breast height, and the space taken up by leaves overhead. These different metrics all give us an idea of the overall health of the forest and the impact of invasive species in the area.

We met a woman who has fought hard to protect this area, Katie, from development and destruction. Katie explained to us about the history of the area and her journey to preservation (the ups and the downs). We learned that the Woodlands Conservancy was able to buy the land and that restoration will be able to continue on the land to make the wetlands of Louisiana healthier and sturdier. Better protecting the people from flooding and the impacts of hurricanes.

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