Pre-trip ramble…

I am fully packed! Finally! (Probably… I seem to keep thinking I am done packing, and as soon as I zip my suitcase closed, I remember one more thing to pack) I made sure put my raincoat in my carry on in case it’s raining when we get there.

I am so excited that I feel like I will have a hard time falling asleep! I am especially looking forward to learning more about the ecology of the area, the restoration plan and how that was made, the food systems and New Orleans’ relationship with food, and the jazz music, of course!

The last time I was in New Orleans, I was there overnight as a tourist. I feel like I will notice so much more about the city now than I did then, since we have spent some time contextualizing it. I want to look out for plants, animals, environment types, the weather, the geography of the city, the culture, and how all these things come together to build the character of the city.

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