Preparing for our New Orleans Celebration!

Posted from Camarillo, California, United States.

For our New Orleans + other IRA funded trip symposium, Daniella and I took it upon ourselves to make our featured meal: Jambalaya! We of course have never cooked for 100 people before, so it was a trip buying all the quantities and preparing the course. I just told her to buy 8 of every ingredient and we would get to town!

The station!

Our secret weapons: Mixture of spicy and normal cajun flavoring. We had to go through the whole bottle of hot sauce to get the same effect we had in NOLA!

We made two platters, normal and vegetarian. Just like in New Orleans, we winged the recipe again. I was going off of memory and Daniella was doing the same. The only ingredient we left out was the jumbo shrimp from Lake Pontchartrain, (Surprisingly hard to find in California! /joke). Because my tiny kitchen only had 3 average sized pots, we had to make 7 batches for each the meat and veggie platters. It was a lot of cooking, and my whole house was starting to smell Cajun!

The third batch

Master Chefettes! (and onion eye protection on my head)

By the end of the night we were close to winding up. All it took was chopping up some additional parsley bunches and making extra meat in case we only had the vegetarian platter left. We made too much meat, and rewarded ourselves by snacking on a few pieces!

Our dinner reward for cooking for 4 hours straight. Worth it

The end result was beautiful, tasty jambalaya! Everyone finished the platters the next day!

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