Relieved to find…

The Louisiana woodlands ain’t so bad!

The Voodoo Dolls had some challenges today, having to backtrack a bit before completing our first transect. But then we moved on to our second and suddenly we had a groove. It’s hard to fight the thirst and hunger, which become an annoying disruption in what would otherwise be an efficient process, but other than that, some pointy sticks, and some bugs, it’s mostly just a nice walk though beautiful woods. 

We felt like explorers as we got quicker identifying plant species, curiously watched critters, marched through clover beds, and Julianna even dabbled in some archaeology. 

Our feet hurt and we reach a wall every now and then but for the most part, we feel pretty comfortable in these woods. It’s an nice feeling, a boost of confidence, and a sense of accomplishment. We can definitely say we are proud of our team.

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