Rock n’ Bowl

On Thursday evening we went to Rock n’ Bowl. It was one of our favorite places visited on this trip. After bowling, we all went towards the dance floor and danced with each other while the band played Zydeco music.

A few minutes passed by and a gentleman asked me, Juliana, to dance. I told him that I didn’t know how to dance well to Zydeco music and he decided to teach me how. It was so much fun!

As we began to leave Rock n’ Bowl for the night, the man that taught Juliana how to dance, Dave Naccari, stopped us all before we left. He grouped us up and played a few songs for us to sing together on his ukulele. He then gave us each his cd for free. Meeting Dave was a pleasure and made for the perfect ending to our night!

Places like Rock n’ Bowl and people like Dave are what make New Orleans so enjoyable to be in.

To see us signing with Dave, follow the link below!

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