Swamp Tour

Today Dayana, Philip, and I learned, about the impacts of sea/water level rise and the decrease in land mass. Water rise in Louisiana is a serious issue that is at an incline everyday. The regulation in Louisiana is not enforced like it should be which puts challenges on the wetlands of the state. Wetlands are a beautiful, historical and cultural part of Louisiana. So loosing the magnificent wetlands would be heartbreaking to their community. Since Louisiana, is prone to hurricanes it’s very important that they find ways to protect themselves from the storms. Wetlands are a barrier against the hurricanes and help to prevent them from being as powerful as they can be. They also contain many habitats for many species that need wetlands to survive. We need to start looking at the decrease in wetlands due to water level rise as a real issue and we should all be doing our parts in climate change so we can stop water level rise.

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