Taking on a different trail

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We started the day bright and early with a trip across the Mississippi River  to cut across traffic.

Good morning from Louisiana! 

Instead of going to our usual site on trail B, my group got drafted to do a set of 3 new transects down trail A. We had 4.5 hours to complete this task, and amazingly we did it! All with 20 minutes to spare. I think the lack of humidity and lower temperatures really helped with our energy levels. None of us felt tired throughout transecting, despite hacking through meters of black berry.

Sideways again. Curse you WordPress!

We were all feeling rejuvenated on our way over to the bed and breakfast! We even were able to take a few low key roadkill surveys for Sean along the way. Once we got to Plaquemines Parish, we sadly found out that the boat we were going to ride was broken. Hopefully they get it fixed in the morning!

Currently we are all staying here on this bed and breakfast plantation. This place is straight on the label of Southern Comfort! It’s lovely here but also eerie. They’ve provided us with a delicious crawfish boil and some jambalaya! Even more, we got to witness some gators in action.

Property gators!

Just feeding the neighbors, no biggie

This plantation look familiar?

Delicious crawfish. Smelled very swampy, but tasted subtle and buttery.

We are all currently entering data in the spirits church area. It will most likely be a long night…

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