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We’ve barely gotten off of the plane and it is already difficult to avoid reminders of the disaster that struck nearly 10 years ago. Learning the story in a classroom and watching footage on the news does not compare. Being present in this place makes everything suddenly seem very real.



First Impressions

Although we have yet to enter the city of New Orleans itself, our brief tour from the airport to the hotel to dinner revealed a few aspects of the landscape. First, this place is flat! For someone who is accustomed to life in the foothills of the San Gabriel and Santa Monica mountains, the skyline is almost eerily void of topography. Second, at a glance one notices that much of the infrastructure is built to move water and prevent flooding. Third, the architecture is grand in some places, quaint in others. I am excited to explore more of the area this week, and get out to the swamp!




The Biggest Sandwich I’ve Ever Had

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