Mildly in love

 Our Saturday started the way all good Saturday’s start–with a six course meal. 

We arrived at the New Orleans School of Cooking early in the morning and walked to the local farmers market. On our walk, our guide and head chef Michael, told us about the importance of food and culture in any city’s history. We learned the true meaning of creole. We were split up into groups and each group made a portion of the meal.  

  After our amazing meal, we were let loose in the French Quarter for the rest of the day. 

Even though it was a bit rainy and wet, the French Quarter was one of the best days I’ve ever had. In New Orleans they have something called a second line, that is basically a parade in the street that is led by a marching band. They do a second line for weddings, births, holidays, even funerals. After about an hour of all of us going our separate ways adventuring through the French Quarter, a second line was marching with their band through the middle of the street. 


After this day, I thought there wouldn’t be much more excitement. There couldn’t possibly be more excitement, right? 

Maybe excitement isn’t the right word, but I fell mildly in love with John Boutte. 

Here is a link to him performing one of his songs at Jazz Fest, that actually is the theme song for an HBO series Treme that, of course, takes place in New Orleans. 

‘Twas a day well spent, dousing myself in culture. A great transition into how we will be spending the rest of our time here–doing fieldwork! 

Stay tuned…

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