Trip Reflection

It’s been a couple weeks since the team returned from New Orleans, and for me personally, it’s given me some time to reflect on the entire trip. First and foremost, this trip hands down was the most rewarding trip I have ever been on. I cannot thank Dr. Anderson enough for giving me the opportunity to partake in such an incredible experience. 

New Orleans is an incredible place, full of diversity, history, and culture. Having this unique blend which is made up of its’ people, music, and cuisine, New Orleans definitely won my heart. It was a trip that was over in the blink of an eye, and I think I can speak for the entire team in saying that we were sad to leave when it came time to head back to California. 

Dr. Anderson did an incredible job in making sure we got a full taste of what New Orleans had to offer in everything we did. From our service-learning work; to the people we met; to the places we went, we were able to see all sides of NOLA, both the good and the bad. 

I believe our blog does a fantastic job of showcasing the work we did, and the places we went, so I won’t go into super detail of everything we did. But I will say my most favorite aspect of the trip was the service-learning work we did. From our transects at the Woodland Conservancy, to our community gardens and farms at Capstone and Grow Dat, we were doing our part to help this amazing place and its’ people. Which was most rewarding for me. 

Dr. Anderson (CSUCI), Dr. Huggins (UCLA), Dr. Lambrinos (OSU), and Dr. Patsch (CSUCI) were a phenomenal faculty team, which added to the overall experience of the trip. I cannot wait for the day when I can return to New Orleans, hopefully to continue working with these faculty members.

Here’s to a fantastic trip, full of many memories that’ll last a lifetime! NOLA 2016!


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