ESRM 492: Service Learning in New Orleans

This website is a small landing pad for our annual trip dedicated to understanding what happened before, during and after the Hurricanes of 2005 and the deepwater blowout of BP’s Macondo Well in 2010.  This trip is nominally organized by Dr. Sean Anderson, a Conservation Biologist and Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Resource Management at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) in southern California.  In reality, this course is a cross collaboration with many colleagues from our CSUCI undergraduates to Dr. John Lambrinos at Oregon State University, Dr. Tom Huggins at UCLA, and a massive suite of local friends and collaborators across southern Louisiana.  CSUCI has been bringing undergraduates annually to Louisiana to assist in recovery since 2007.  Give us a ring, we’d love to say “hi” when we are in town.



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