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You should never drive on the LA 23 Freeway during high tide. In a huge tropical storm. Especially down near Venice. Like we are doing here.


To learn about us and our service, click these links:

Sean nutira happens end of the road LA23 Venice 03-25-10b copy

Nutria road kill on the 23 Freeway.


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  1. / Replyizabell
    Hello, I am a graduate student ( MBA/Biotech) at Channel Islands. I am very interested in this course. Is it offered to grad students at any point in time? Thank you, - Izabell Karaghossian
    • / Replyadmin
      Totally! The only issue is that as a graduate student, you don't pay into the undergrad fee pool and so would have to pay the full price of the trip (school has heretofore subsidized all our trips so that the students only pay about 1/3 the total cost. -Sean

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