Press Coverage

Sean Woodlands Conservancy Press Conference 01-18-13cropped

Sean & Lee Woodlands Conservancy Delacroix Preserve press conference, January 18, 2013.


 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Researchers debate oil-spill remedy (Nature, January 2013)

Gulf Oil Spill: Scientists develop new model for deep-sea oil spills (NSF, April 2012)

New Ecological model for deep-water oil spills (Science Daily, April 2012)

NCEAS Researchers offer new ecological model for Deep-Water Oil Spills (NCEAS, April 2012)

Professor leads oil spill team (Camarillo Acorn, April 2012)

CSU’s COAST, Others Convene at Global PRIMO Sessions to Address Toxins (CSU, May 2011)

Ventura County symposium looks at ongoing crisis in Gulf of Mexico (KCLU, April 2011)

CI to present symposium on environmental disturbances in Gulf of Mexico (CSUCI, Jan 2011)

Gulf Oil Spill Ecotoxicology Working Group (NCEAS, Jan 2011)

CI faculty member leads effort to assess long-term effects of Gulf Oil Spill (Ventura County Star, Oct 2010)

Gulf Recovery in Murky Waters (CSU Voices and Views, Oct 2010)

Rusty Costanza photographing Jei Times-Picayune Woodlands 03-24-09a

Rusty Costanza (Times-Picayune) photographing Jei Gort at Woodlands Trail on March 24, 2009.

Hurricane Katrina Recovery and Restoration

Bond between Woodlands Conservancy and CSU continues to grow (New Orleans Time-Picayune, March 2013)

California college students delve into wetlands conservation (The Advocate, March 2013)

Plaquemines Parish woodlands…invasive species removal (New Orleans Time-Picayune, Feb 2013)

Woodlands Trail and Park film reveals… (Plaquemines Gazette, Dec 2010)

Woodlands Trail documentary premiere (New Orleans Time-Picayune, Nov 2010)

CI Student Service Trip to New Orleans a Real Learning Experience (Ventura County Star, April 2010)

After the flood: The ecological impact of Hurricane Katrina, five years later (Slate/Washington Post, Aug 2010)

Invasive Species Assessment: video (New Orleans Time-Picayune, March 2009)

Invasive Species Assess: photos (New Orleans Time-Picayune, March 2009)

Town meets gown classes begin (Ventura County Star, Aug 2008)

Rusty Costanza photographing Jei Times-Picayune Woodlands 03-24-09b

Rusty Costanza (Times-Picayune) photographing Jei Gort pulling blackberry thorns from her finger at Woodlands Trail March 24, 2009.

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