Day 6: Speaker Harry Shearer at The Historic New Orleans Collection

Harry Shearer an actor, musician, and creator of the documentary of the Big Uneasy explained in detail how Americorps and the federal government are responsible for the levee failure that followed Hurricane Katrina. Negligence is what caused the most destruction, not the hurricane itself. The hurricane was only a catergory 3 by the time it hit land. He explained how the media only covered part of the whole story because it is known that corrupt politicians and powerful companies control them. The levees failed because engineers failed to build them adequately. They should have been much taller and been reevaluated every [insert how many] years to meet the impact of a 100-year hurricane. The Army Corps of Engineers does not want to take responsibility for the levee failure. They spent more money trying to cover up than on fixing the failure.

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