BBQ Dinner at Woodland Plantation

When our team visited Woodland Plantation – A Country Inn we were greeted by Foster Creppel who is the owner of this establishment. He had a few tasks assigned for our team to help him with around the property. I was assigned to help with removing weeds from areas that had been planted by the NOLA team from last year. After an hour or so of work our team gathered and took a little tour around the property. I was amazed by the beautiful natural aspect of the area and was fascinated with the alligators that live on the property. After the tour we headed back to have dinner as they had prepared a traditional New Orlean’s BBQ dinner for us. It consisted of Jambalaya, salad, crawfish boil with sausages and corn and for dessert some bread pudding. This was my first time trying Jambalaya which is a cajun rice dish with various spices that contains sausage, chicken and shrimp as well. The crawfish reminded me of shrimp and was tasty as well. To finish it off the bread pudding was just as tasty and I recommend anyone to try it if they have the chance. This dinner was the perfect treat after a day of hard work!

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