Day 4: First Day in the Field !


Today was our first day in the field. We went into English Turn and starred collecting data on our transects. I was paired with Michaela & Sadie. We started on 250M trail marker and team or transect tape 100 meters to the right at a 90 degree angle from the trail.  After Michaela had hacked through all of the blackberry,  Sadie and I began make observations within our different quadrants along the transect.  Sadie did a great job with identifying the plants and I was the one recording all of the data.


Each quadrant was 1 meter wide on the left and right side of the transact tape. This process was related every 2 meters with the exception of the first two, which was from 0-1and 1-2.  We had to identify things such as the plant/tree species, the amount of overhead vegetation cover,  the amount of leaf liter/sticks on the ground and the percent of blackberry present.  We ended up getting through 2 transects. The plants we encountered the most were Box Elder, Elderberry, and our favorite,  Blackberry…. Tomorrow we will be doing the same thing. 

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