Day 7

Yesterday we woke up to a beautiful morning sky, ate our breakfast and headed out to tour the plantation with the owner Foster.


He told us the history of the buildings and how most of them have been moved from different locations onyo the plantation. We stayed in the old plantation house (it was thrilling and delightfully spooky) it was the original building from the 1800s.


Foster fed the gators that live in his ponds and we all watched as the massive gators chomped down on a fish snack.

After the fun, we all went to a newly built pavilion and helped to coat it with an oil sealant to make the wood last longer. It started to rain so we headed out and grabed some lunch. Following lunch we went to the hotel, settled in and went to the city garden where we went to the Chinese Festival of Lights. We watched an acrobatic performance and walked around looking at the lights. The highlight of the night was everyone reading their Chinese sign (based upon birth year) and all posing by our animal.
From there we went to check out another local musical artist and ended the night with fresh beignets.

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