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Todays talk with Mark Schleisstein included a ton of information about New Orleans master plan to make the city more sustainable. A variety of methods were discussed such as diverting the overflow of water from the Mississippi River by carving out a tunnel for the water to collect in when it floods. This method was interesting to me because it mimicked the natural reoccurring flooding of the river using man made techniques. However there is always a trade off, this method puts a pod of bottle nose dolphins at risk because of the new exposure they would have to fresh water. Still, this method as well as adding sediment to the marsh was discussed, and many others. The city aims to eradicate problems such as flooding and hurricanes, which is triggered by poor engineering, landscape management and temperature increase due to climate change. Part of the approach is to monitor carbon reductions and to receive more funding from point source polluters such as bp oil corporations. In the photos we see what used to be the historic river system and, what is now the river system. Engineers have funneled the water system into one river, causing immense amount of pressure which creates increased risk of flooding. Mark Schleisstein takes immense efforts to expose those responsible for the reconfiguring of the land that’s is causing these issues as well as informing the public about who is funding the solutions. Thanks to people like Mark Scleisstein, oil corporations are being held accountable and, prevention instead of intervention of natural disasters is being discussed.

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