Eye Opening

In order to summarize the day on all levels I would use the phrase “eye opening.” We started the day off early this morning on a mission to better understand the devastation that swept through New Orleans by visiting the Lower Ninth Ward, a heavily impoverished area that has not recovered even 13 years after Hurricane Katrina. As we drove into the ward, I could feel the sense that things were incomplete. My feelings were confirmed when we looked through pictures comparing the densely packed homes present before the Hurricane to the sprinkled homes built by relief groups after the disaster. The lack of resources and the traumatic experience combined with the Federal Government’s use of scapegoats convinced people to not return. I quickly realized I am only breaching the surface of what people have experienced.

We walked through the French Quarter during he later half of the day. I explained CSUCI’s commitment to restoring wetlands to curious shop owners and received open gratitude and thanks for our efforts. It is truly amazing to be supported by the local people, and I am eager to share my support as well.

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