First day in the swamp!

Hi y’all!

WordPress really likes to flip all of my photos. So please avert your head to the side!

Today was amazingly eventful, but I’ve chosen to emphasize on our time in the Woodlands Conservancy site. It was our first half-field day! We started when it was hot and humid out, but our first transects were very short. They only extended out about 3 meters before hitting the water. We had a crazy transect at 400 meters along the trail. Almost all of it was dense blackberry and tree vegetation.

We had to stop half way because the blackberry and fallen logs had gotten too thick for us!

Katie chopping through

The 450 meter transect was the best. It was essentially an empty field of flowers with cypress and maple trees interspersed. We even saw a little snake out there.

Sneaky and green

we couldn’t make it till 50 meters because the time ran out. Day one has been complete by group name: unnecessarily thirsty pirates!


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