Homeward Bound

It’s 12:12am in New Orleans but as I write this on our plane that has started it’s decent into Los Angeles. While I’m eager to get back to my daily grind so I can get done with homework that is weighing heavy on my mind, I already am missing the Crescent City.

The ESRM New Orleans trip is advertised as the number one, must have experience within the department. After hearing story after story of all of the fun and shenanigans had on this trip, the expectations have been set remarkably high. Now, after paying my 10 day penance to the city and the blackberry, I can say that every single positive thing I’ve heard is absolutely true. The bar was set high, yet Sean was able to exceed every expectation.

From the difficulty of cutting through blackberry to the sheer fun of dancing and bowling at Rock N Bowl, every moment was just as trying, exciting, and fun as possible. As I look towards graduation and the potential of working in the field and/or of moving on to grad school, I look at opportunities such as this that have allowed me to see how each of them work for me.

All and all, I believe one of the biggest lessons Sean inadvertently taught us was the importance of having friends who share your passions with you. Watching him interact with Tom and John on the transects, at meals, and at shows displayed their genuine enjoyment of what they were doing and of each other. I look forward to continuing to work with the students on this trip and building the same kind of relationship this trio of trimates have

Sean and Tom enjoying the live entertainment at Rock N Bowl as they wait on their bowling shoes

John picking leaves from a plant for Tom and him to look at and discuss

Tom looking at leaves having a long winded discussion with John about the exact species of the plant.

Tom, John, and Sean goofing around and having fun on a sea saw

Sean and Tom bowling together at Rock N Bowl

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