More work at the Woodland site

Today we continued to work on collecting data at the Woodland Trail and Park site. We completed path A at 1200m and moved on to path B. We had some folks who help fund the project visit the site. We discussed two reasons why keeping this site preserved is important. One reason is that it acts as a resting site for migrating birds. They have few places to rest already and the decimation of this area could severely affect migrating bird populations. Another reason why this site is important is that it has a much higher chance of persisting through time compared to other sites that are likely to be affected by sea level rise or development. 

While working the transects we encountered a lot of blackberry just as we did yesterday. The three main invasive species we looked for included: tallow, chinaberry, and privet. All of these plants are from China and have had major impacts on the landscape. Efforts have been made to fight these plants. One way is to girdle the invasive tree and spray it with herbacides. We saw this today on some tallow trees within the site. Some of the trees haven’t bloomed yet which makes identification difficult. Our next step is to finish surveying path B and move on to the next site.  


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