Van Life-NOLA edition

There were so many key players that made this trip a memorable one, from the professors to my peers, community partners, but most importantly to the van! Reflecting back on the trip, the ESRM van truly brought people together. We all bonded and laughed over the various times we would all jump up when we would drive through a pothole. Not to hate on the NOLA streets but at points, it felt like we were on a mini rollercoaster. The ESRM van was able to bring lots of fun memories to the trip and allowed all of us to get closer to one another.

Working at Woodlands Preserve the van allowed us to carry our equipment for the day but most importantly carry our snacks for the day after a long day of charging! After a long day or a long drive, most of us took advantage of the van for a quick power nap. (Proof below)

Picture by Denise Aguilar

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