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Van Life-NOLA edition

There were so many key players that made this trip a memorable one, from the professors to my peers, community partners, but most importantly to the van! Reflecting back on the trip, the ESRM van truly brought people together. We all bonded and laughed over the various times we would all jump up when we would drive through a pothole. Not to hate on the NOLA streets but at points, it felt like we were on a mini rollercoaster. The ESRM van was able to bring lots of fun memories to the trip and allowed all of us to get closer to one another.

Working at Woodlands Preserve the van allowed us to carry our equipment for the day but most importantly carry our snacks for the day after a long day of charging! After a long day or a long drive, most of us took advantage of the van for a quick power nap. (Proof below)

Picture by Denise Aguilar

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

March 23, 2023 | Le Petit Theatre

After a long day of transects, and walking through a bunch of blackberries, the class could finally relax and catch a laugh. This would be my first time watching a play live so I was very anxious to see what Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was all about. From the second I sat down I was captured by the set design, a simple bedroom, and on stage left a door that separated the room from the outside. Something else that caught my attention was the projections in the background and the sounds used in the scenes. Part of me wants to believe that because the set was easy on the eyes it allowed my other sense to pay attention to the meaningful details that tied the scenes together. I distinctly remember in the scene of Big Daddy’s birthday, at night you could hear the crickets just like in real life. Small details like such allowed me to feel much more invested in the show, on top of already being invested in the juicy family drama that was unfolding literally right in front of me. After watching, I understand the hype around the play and I appreciate its artistic way of making a social comment.