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  Today we had a historical day we visited the NOLA historical center and saw really cool maps, guns and paintings, one of the most interesting pieces was a Budweiser water can post Katrina to help give potable water to the city. Next we ate at 9 Roses and ate delicious Vietnamese food. Than we went down to the 9th ward to see various levee failures. After that we headed to Chicka Wah Wah for culture and food we met musicians Paul Sanchez and Jamie Vessels. 


Day 1 3/17/16

Today we flew out of LAX in to NOLA and did some really cool things, first we went to Jean Lafiette National Park and saw 3 species of snakes, multiple alligators, frogs and learns native vegetation in the area. Next we had po boy sandwiches and I had alligator for he first time next we went to the Frenchman street and walked around enjoying live music, culture and art. We than visited a local BBQ joint called The Joint, this was some of the best brisket I have ever had. Today was a true learning experience and I had so much fun soaking up culture, nature and local cuisine.