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Alumni Guest Speaker: Vanessa Van Heerden

We were fortunate enough today to listen to a presentation from Vanessa; who just finished her PHD. She graduated from CSUCI with a bachelors in Environmental Science and Resource Management.

Vanessa talks about how the unique program at CSUCI set her up for success In her career to come. Many of the things she learned while earning her Bachelors stayed with her for her entire career, such as GIS mapping.

Day 1 Nature Walk of Nola 2023

Everyone shows great respect to Tom and pays close attention while he is sharing his knowledge with us. Tom is explaining how this leaf from the Quercus Virginiana (Southern Live Oak) is a prime example of a plant with entire leaves, compared to lobed or pinnate leaves. We are fortunate to have people who are so passionate about plants and teaching with us. Whenever an elder like Tom or John is speaking, the class knows it is time to listen closely.

NOLA 2023 Pre-Trip Reflection

Ready for NOLA 2023!

I’m thinking about New Orleans and I am full curiosity, and excitement. My bag is tightly packed and ready to go. I always get the feeling I’m forgetting something, but I don’t think I could squeeze anything else in if I tried. I’ve spent weeks thinking about this trip, I really think it will be a trip I remember for the rest of my life. Not only am I going to do work that I am passionate about with my fantastic classmates and mentors, but I will be going to a place with some of the richest culture and history in the world. I am very grateful for this opportunity that I’ve been given. This will give me hands on learning experience that will be useful especially in my future in Environmental Science. I am excited at the people I am going to meet, and the connections that we will create. I plan on working hard and giving my full effort to the work we will be doing on this trip. I know that it will probably be hard work. I want to to follow in the footsteps of my mentors who have been working with the people in New Orleans for years now. I will have nothing but love and respect for the people, wildlife, and everything else in New Orleans.