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Fishstock, held on March 25, 2023, was a fishy festival dedicated to educating the public about fisheries, native species, and conservation. It had many booths dedicated to wildlife and fish education, also known as ichthyology. At the table we volunteered at, we were able to let younger children borrow preserved specimens and draw them on paper. Those were hung up for the rest of the festival to see. We also volunteered at the worlds largest fish specimen preservation, which had more specimens than the Smithsonian.

Sugar Roots Farm

Today, we went to Sugar Roots Farm, a non-profit farm that raises various plants and animals and supports the local community. They have various goats, a cow, chickens, horses, and a pony for animals. It’s popular on weekends for small children to come ride the equines. Lauren, the manager of the farm, is also in charge of planting various grasses and other natives, such as Louisiana grass, chicory, herbaceous mimosa, and partridge pea. The organization is a very positive place to learn about natives and support local farms.