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Day 1 Nature Walk of Nola 2023

Everyone shows great respect to Tom and pays close attention while he is sharing his knowledge with us. Tom is explaining how this leaf from the Quercus Virginiana (Southern Live Oak) is a prime example of a plant with entire leaves, compared to lobed or pinnate leaves. We are fortunate to have people who are so passionate about plants and teaching with us. Whenever an elder like Tom or John is speaking, the class knows it is time to listen closely.

Ants Farming Aphids

All kinds of wonderful wildlife can be found on an easy trek down the paths of Woodlands a Trail and Park.  From the Cardinals flittering from side to side to the killer dragonflies to the armadillos and ant farmers.  There is always something exciting and fun to see, hear, or experience.

But one example we spied today is a small colony of ants farming a clutch aphids.  The small black specks are apids beeing tended to by the numerous (and much larger) ants.  Akin to a farmer with a herd of cattle, these ants are “milking” these aphids on the newest stem of an older elderberry (total height = 3m tall, with this clump of insects at about 1.2m above ground).